Meeting with Dr Jean Luc Ayoun in DORNES, September 2019

Have you ever heard of "Great Event", Nibiru or Hercolubus, of the Appeal of Mary, of the Dimensional Movement of Earth Vibration?

Over the past few years, this has been the focus of Jean-Luc Ayoun's work! Help each one do their own "Translating" without needing masters, gurus or rituals / practices. With him we learn to transcend the various "I's" and thus allow the Intelligence of Light or Truth to be the drivers of our lives, so that the moment of the individual or collective "Great Event" arrives, the process unfolds in the most smooth and fluid.

He gives a new meaning to the word "spirituality"! Because in recent years the "fashion" of Spirituality has dragged people from one belief system to another more modern or convenient without it promoting the liberation that so many desire, because all these practices create the illusion of a better future, it keep us trapped in the Time dimension, which is a huge illusion and trap.

That is why he challenges us to forget everything we have learned so far.
Everything that has been useful to us, but that will not serve us anything else. So that we can integrate the zero plane, the white paradise, the practice without practice, the Impersonal, the Absolute, ABBA! Because we are prior to all this. We are prior to consciousness, we are prior to creation, because we are the creators!

In this meeting Dr. Ayoun proposes three distinct but absolutely transformative moments in order to reach the various dimensions of the human being, from the most material dimension (biological, mental and emotional body) to the most etheric and subtle dimensions.

The first moment consists of a Lecture, with a duration of approximately 4 hours, with the theme AGAPÈ (unconditional love in Greek) in which the content without form, will allow us to find individually and collectively, the evidence and the source, in this year of 2019.

The second moment is an intensive three-day seminar and will be a unique opportunity to live the AGAPÈ, which Dr. Ayoun calls "practice without practices" against a background of some fundamental themes such as: Paradigms, Rupture, What Is the Truth, Consciousness and Transcendence.

The third moment will be a Cruise Agapè! A boat trip lasting 4 hours and lunch served on board. Where we can enjoy the wonderful landscapes of this magical region, immersed in deep with the nature and the clear and crystalline waters of the Zêzere.

The purpose of this seminar is much more than self-knowledge, it is about living the fusion "person, being, not-being" in AGAPE RESONANCE!

During the various moments, the participants will be able to put questions to the interveners channeled by Jean-Luc Ayoun or simply to share experiences and testimonies.

It is important to point out that the whole Agapè meeting will be attended by several actors that Jean-Luc Ayoun channels, such as: Abba + Bidi (Nisargadatta Maharaj) + Phahame + Eynolwaden + OM Aivanhov, among others that over the last years have supported the process of liberation from the land to the manifestation of what many call the Great Event.

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Note: The meeting will have simultaneous translation, and the number of seminar spaces is limited due to its intensive content.



Dr. Ayoun, Jean Luc

More information about Dr. Ayoun, Jean Luc at:

Dr. AYOUN, Jean Luc

Dr. Ayoun Jean Luc, practiced for 30 years Chinese medicine and crystal healing.

At the same time, he developed a system of bioelectronic measurement (impedancemetry) coupled with the most modern neuroscientific data (neuro-ethology and neuro-theology) (

Medium and channel, communicated a set of texts (about 120,000) from 2008 to 2018,in which the objective is to direct the human being to the supra-mental and to a new paradigm, texts that can be consulted in and

This work essentially focused on the deconstruction of values and beliefs that block the true manifestation of love in each one, leading us to become increasingly aware of the misunderstandings and self-boycotts that each human being carries in himself and that impels him to enslave himself to illusory and manipulative concepts and paradigms.

Each channeled text, each realized Satsang, served as true deconstructors of consciousness grounded in the "ordinary" mental. Allowing all those who make themselves available to undergo processes of deep transformation, depersonalization and disidentification with illusory concepts that feed only the dependence / manipulation matrix.

Through the work and surrender of Dr. Jean Luc Ayoun, he was allowed to "contact" various vibrations or intelligences, which brought teachings (which lead to the supramental) and adjustments (of consciousness) appropriate to the momentum or state of the process of awakening of each one and always with the same purpose that is to facilitate the process of liberation. Not the liberation of others or the outside, but the liberation of ourselves! That is, from our Matrix of Consciousness built on a dual web of vampirizing concepts and obfuscating the essence of LOVE in its greater expression!

It is noteworthy the care that Dr Jean Luc Ayoun always had in not allowing him to be seen as a Guru or Master to be followed, forcing each one to take responsibility and to lead his own process of awakening. As well as your sense of service to the Whole, having made available all the texts of teachings completely free of charge, and therefore available to everyone regardless of their financial condition.

These 10 years of deconstruction, or as they say of emptying the chalice, have allowed each one of them to be able to freely re-fill their sacred chalice with a new paradigm. The paradigm of Love centered on the essence (supra mental) instead of the personality (mental).

Beginning in 2019 and after completing the path that led to the liberation, he began a process of communication and transmission of a state that Dr. Jean Luc Ayoun calls RESONANCE AGAPE in groups, social networks and specialized media using tools fruit of their experiences inAGAPÈ.

This initiative of proximity to all those who long to live AGAPÈ, will be like a "particle accelerator" facilitating unequivocally the integration of the new paradigm.

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Pass Workshop + Lecture + Cruiser Agapè Until 30th July 2019
Individual 538.00€
Group (Mín 5 Tickets) 2,440.00€
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1ª Portion until March 31th 200.00€
2ª Portion until April 30th 150.00€
3ª Portion until August 30th 188.00€
Lecture day 19 at 16h
Individual: 50,00€

Lecture and cruise September 19th and 20th

Individual:  213,00

Cruise on September 20th 

Individual: 163,00

The amounts refer to participation in the Workshop or Lecture and already include current VAT and discounts are not cumulative.

ancellations: cancellations will be accepted without prejudice to the participants (refund of the money) up to 2 months before the event. In case of reservation with less than one month between the time of the reservation and the event, the participant can send a substitute as soon informs the organization in a timely manner.

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